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Stefan Lichtenstrasser

Yoshi 46
Mamlakat Austria
Health Professional & Prevention Specialist Therapist, Neuro Somatic Reprogramming Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Fascialyoga Trainer, ChiKung Trainer

Stefan Lichtenstrasser is a leading Therapist and Health Professional located in Austria. His experience over 25 years in Fitnesstraining and 15 years Alternate Medicine is his second way of life. A accident with a motorcycle was a life changing reason. Now clients from Austria, Germany and Switzerland visits his Health Institut LICHTREIN.at in Schloss Tribuswinkel near Vienna. He is teaching health professionals in whole Austria since 2012. Tousends of clients and Hundrets of attendees walked through with a success over 90%. If you have pain in your back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip or anywhere - Stefan Lichtenstrasser ist the right Person at our Side. You have the chance to change your life in a very short time with high effective exercises. join him and feel what he can do for you and at least you will be possible to train yourself.